We’ve spent part of tonight packing for tomorrow’s trip down South to spend Christmas with my family. This will be Mr. Kim’s first Christmas with my family, and our first spent in the same place–kind of a big deal in the Korean context, since Christmas isn’t really a family holiday but a romantic one there.

Of course, with our wedding coming up, this trip is also partly for preparation for that. We’ll meet the officiating pastor a third time, hopefully finalize some plans for the days before and after the wedding, and go check out the venue one more time.

I’m also taking my dress down:  

My dress crammed into a garment bag. Aigu!!

I’m taking it carry-on–after UPS lost it before, I’m taking no chances!–but the trade-off is, I have to squash it up a bit more than I’m really thrilled about. Will it come through unscathed? We’ll find out! But at least we’ll have plenty of time to get any wrinkles steamed out before the 16th!