Mr. Kim and I both like old things. I mean, he’s an actual historian, after all. We also don’t really like fancy things–well, except fancy food and drink, but even that we prefer to have in non-fancy locales. So it’s natural that we’d turn to thrift stores when thinking about wedding decor.

In particular, I’ve been imagining using old-fashioned brass/brass-looking photo frames for table numbers, pics of us, and other visual information necessary (or at least nice) for weddings.

Here, since we are car-less, the only really convenient thrift store is the Kiwani’s one downtown, which is inconveniently opened only on Saturday mornings. Although I kept meaning to visit before or after the farmer’s market, I didn’t get around to it until maybe a month ago.

Well, this isn’t a great story, so I won’t drag it on. I’d been wondering every time I visited why I couldn’t find any picture frames. Last weekend, when we went to buy white elephant gifts for a Christmas party–some cat paraphernalia and nonstandard trivial pursuit sets–I realized there were two new floors. (This would be so much more interesting with photos.) Still no frames, though. Today, I left Mr. Kim at home and ventured into the cold to look one more time, and also pick up some donuts for breakfast. Lo and behold: a fourth floor, full of knick-knacks and picture frames. Mission accomplished~