I love flowers, but, I don’t like fancy things. So what’s a girl to do?  In my case, florigami!
Okay, not the best picture, but: origami flowers are great! No one’s allergic to them, they rot a lot less slowly, and athough it does take a gazillion times longer to DIY them, it’s also a gazillion times cheaper!

I actually hesitated about including origami in our wedding in any way. There are still kind of more than a few people who really think that Asian is Asian is Asian and I mean, origami is kind of Japanese. (I mean people fold paper in Korea too, but.) I didn’t want it to seem like I was trying to honor Mr. Kim in some awkward and inaccurate way.

Actually though, the origami comes from my side. When I was little and (according to certain relatives) my dad’s favorite, we made tons and tons of origami (and guacamole) together. So to honor that (and also cause I’d rather deal with DIY stress than talking to another vendor), I’m gonna do origami flowers after all.

Or florigami. That’s a thing, right?