I haven’t posted anything in a while, mostly because I’ve been super busy: Starting a new job, addressing wedding invitations, and, most importantly, being a Minion!

minions at library
Behind the scenes at the library, with the awesome Minions jack-o’-lanterns someone there had made.

Mr. Kim is kind of obsessed with Minions. I mean, he watches Minion videos several times a week and I’m pretty sure has favorite. He gets excited when he sees Minion posters, toys, or T-shirts. And since I love Mr. Kim, what else was I going to do but make awesome Minion costumes for Halloween?

minion foam
Upholstry foam becoming a Minion.

The first thing I did was to go online and read all the Minions costume tutorials I could find, then synthesize them into a plan that fit our budget, my skill level, and my aesthetic sensibilities. I used 1-inch-thick upholstry foam for the bodies, which I cut at the top as you can see at left and glued down into a cylinder topped with a dome. (No doubt there’s a name for that shape.) It was as imperfect as my spatial reasoning skills, but it worked will enough! Then, I cut out the mouth and armholes and spray-painted the whole thing yellow. The goggles were also made of the foam, glued into cylinders and trimmed to fit with the curve of the head, then covered in aluminum foil. The eyes themselves were just drawn and colored onto white scrap paper, glued onto appropriately sized circles of scrap cardboard, and wedged into the goggles.

half finished minion
Bob, more than half finished!

The overalls were made of denim that I ordered online, hot-glued into place, and I knitted the goggle straps. I also made a stencil and used it to paint an M, for our local university, onto the pockets, instead of the Gru symbol seen in the first two movies. Actually, the only thing I regret about the whole Halloween was that I didn’t take more pictures of the process of making these costumes!

In the end, we won both costume contests we entered and pretty much made up the money we had spent buying supplies.

minion winnings
Minions are winners!

At the local library, we delighted many children and adults and made a few little kids cry. We also had dozens of people take their photos with us!

library minions
Minions at the public library!

Later, we won another costume contest at the bar where we went to watch the football game. (Okay, another regret: We didn’t enter more costume contests!)

minions watching football
Mr. Kim and the Minions watch the game.

Apparently, Bob and Kevin both like a little drink now and then!

Bob and cider
Bob looks super excited about this cider!
kevin and beer
Kevin enjoys a beer–bottles and straws only!

What a great Halloween!

Bob (aka Mr. Kim) with a Minion jack-o'-lantern on a porch down the street.
Bob (aka Mr. Kim) with a Minion jack-o’-lantern on a porch down the street.