doenjang jeongolMr. Kim and I are leaving in less than three weeks, and we’ve started the sad process of saying goodbye to the places that have been meaningful to us here. Friday night, we had dinner at 이파리 (i-pa-ri), where I took Mr. Kim for his birthday earlier this year and which has become pretty much our favorite restaurant here because it is Korean Korean Korean done right right right.

hidden track beersNext, we went to Hidden Track, where we had our first date, discovered we were coworkers, had many important conversations and good times, and where we’ll soon have our farewell party. (Also they have amazing beer made by themselves.)

Actually, I’m incredibly sad to leave Korea because this country has given me so much and I pretty much had decided to stay here forever (sorry mom), but well, leaving with a guy like this, I can’t help but also be incredibly excited about the future^^

(Adapted from a post I wrote elsewhere on July 31^^)